Friday, 13 February 2009


Oh hey, this is my blog now.
As Something of an icebreaker heres some drawings i did in the summer/fall season of the 2008, then we can ruin all the ice we've broken by being our true selves.

This is a crab and a reduced price sticker, i like the juxtaposition of crab and reduced sticker in this one.

These are some designs for a new range of tall menswear i am working on, i got the material from woolworths before it went fully bust. Maybe i should have bought more.

Geometry and Violence.

Raven Bastard.

Ohh & Eff

I don't know what it is about triangles that are so good. They just rock out in a way that most shapes don't. Maybe its because of their "vaginal quality", which by the way is the best thing anyone has ever said in a crit. It beats "look at my triangles" anyway.

This was a highly political drawing i did when i was offered a £2750 overdraft, as if i wasnt going to be in debt enough as it is, but seriously, it is free money. im in a band, i shred the cello.

I dont like putting writing in my work, which is weird, as im so amazingly articulate, but this is an exception, check this out, he wants to die because of all his sunburns.

That'll do for now, i'm not just going to put up drawings, i might even put up some fine arts soon,
maybe as soon as i do something that i dont majorly detest.

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