Sunday, 29 March 2009


These are some drawings of some people, they vary in levels of existence from existing a bit, to not at all.This guy has a suitcase but no neck, a questionable swap..

When this boy told his friends he was going to start wearing these glasses as a way to get girls they all laughed, but now he has his own record label and over 300 friends on facebook.

This is the kind of boys that most of the girls in Stratford-upon-Avon go for, people with necks wider than their heads, holes in their eyebrows and modern buzzword slogans on their clothes. I made up a game once (which obviously I've never played) where you go up to one of these people and question them on the words on their t-shirt/jumper mean. eg. "Oh so you are part of the 134 Co-op Response Team for Alabama?" or "Did you enjoy the Surfs-Up 1974 Miami Beach Festival?".To which the response would either be a quick "Fuck Off" or a " Its just a t-shirt mate, lighten up". This probably comes across like I'm being a dick. Um.

This is Jean-Pierre, he has a cat instead of a brain now thats why in this polaroid he is waving down a bus and not driving his scooter to work like he used to.

This is my golf caddy, he's a huge racist, but he's good at carrying. Swings and Roundabouts I guess.

I met this man on a tram, he had a 6 pack of Stella and an Umbro tattoo.

This is a drawing of a man from one of my favourite bands this century. I think he was voted best person ever in a recent poll, though thinking back that was almost definitely any other person.

This is one of my bros, we like to visit synagogues together, the best of which are in Cyprus, he's writing a book about them in fact, he's looking for a publisher, which is apparently like looking for "hay, in a stack of other things". I guess he means its not that difficult, he did tell me once how his head got like that but I think I interrupted with something more interesting.

This drawing on the surface is pretty lame, so i've decided that they are making some kind of drugs deal rather than sharing a moment of affection. Good call.

Sorry if this all got a little whimsical, or self indulgant, actually fuck it, its a blog yo.

Thursday, 26 March 2009


These are some things from my NYC sketchbook, which is becoming less and less about NYC by the day, but i can deal with that. I may have mentioned that i took some photos, which werent very good, probably because i'm a pretty chronic photographer. So i cut them up into little bubbles, my thinking being that if i removed whatever it was that i was trying to photograph in the first place i might be left with something more interesting. Fuck knows if it worked, maybe i just ruined my prints...

The bottom left is central park, i think i did a good job of making it look like a horrible place to be when it is actually quite pleasant. I might do more of these...

In other news i thought my ipod had broken the other day, but this morning it is back and better than ever, with a staggering 2 hours of battery time and 3.6GB of memory. Sick. I've been listening to this song too much and its been making me think i'm depressed even though im pretty damn content:

I even did this drawing as a result.

Thats obviously a joke. But seriously.


Monday, 23 March 2009


Heres some things i did on Foundation, some of it was alright. Its all about landscapes.
On reflection these photos are really drab, apologies for that, maybe there are some real colours in there, who knows.

This is the biggest canvas i've ever done, impractically big, probably 6.5' by 4'. I left it at college, which was stupid i guess, but i cant even fit it in a car. This was probably the basis for my severe dislike of canvas.

And this is on a map, which was very conviniently foldable into a A5 size, take that canvas.

This is a portrait of my insides. Nah, i wish, its a selection of fine meats.
I will post some new work up when i do something at least a bit good.

Sunday, 22 March 2009


Im thinking of actually revealing this blog at some point... so i might put some things up that i love to detract attention from my own work. Why not eh?

A bit of Twombly, just really ugly and beautiful.

Matthias Weishcer.

Daniel Richter, better than Gerhard possibly??? Im a big fan of artists bridging the gap between illustrative and painting styles, so this is dope.

Richard Diebenkorn. Lovely abstraction.

Howard Hodgkin: Initially a bit of a slow burner, but now i just think he's amazing. This is the kind of painting i dont think theres even any point in me attempting because there are people who are so bloody good at it already. Its a bit like why i dont understand bands trying to be joy division.

I also like the girls that every 19 year old art school boys like, as much as i'd like to be original in my desires the classics still keep coming back (i'm currently wondering why anyone would care about this, but i'll keep on)

This is probably my favourite image of all time. Predictable as you like.

And again, very predictable, but I cant help it, it must be somewhere in my chromosomes, also i stole this picture from someone elses blog, now i dont know much about blog etiquette but im guessing this is frowned upon...

Thats enough of that.

I like different types of tape aswell, i used to have a nice tower of it in my room but it was inpractical and got knocked over.

Also i'm quite enjoying this small painting i did (i have turned it on its side so it doesnt just look like an advert, which maybe it is) i like gold and red.

Maybe I dont love all of these things, in fact maybe I don't love any of them, love is quite a strong word for someone as indecisive as me. Im talking myself out of this whole post now.
Anyway, im pretty damn sure i love drawing, radiohead and pro evo.

Now im not even sure of that, its too late for this kind of thing, im going to bed.


P.S. Guy pointed out to me that basically what i have written is "this painting makes me wet", worth a mention i thought.

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Hi, I went to New York with school last week, it was sick, these are some drawings i did (mostly on the plane and in the airport because i was too busy being a huge-size tourist the rest of the time). Here is a list of things i didnt see/do properly;

The Empire State Building (i saw it, and it is actually pretty big)

The Statue Of Liberty (i saw it, from afar, its pretty regal i guess)

New York Babes (i saw about two, and they were probably English anyway)

Get royally NYC style drunk (despite the massive portions of beer they sell im too underaged and baby faced for that kind of thing)

Macys ( i didnt go to NY to shop, i went to learn all about different cultures)

I did some things though yo, i'll get on to that after this pictorial interlude..

Presidential Leaves.

I like these slight drawings i did from the plane, I had the window seat, but no entertainments on the way there, but im a mother fucking art student, i make my own entertainments.

Biometric, read it and weep.

Drunk Lincoln

Altitude gets you steamed. Thats not strictly true, but it is pretty cool getting free G&Ts at however many thousand feet then flushing the lemon down the super intense plane flush system. Someone told me that they freeze all of that into a cube and drop it into the sea. What a joker.

So Yeah, that was a productive time wasn't it? I also have shit loads of flyers and paraphenalia
Things i did do in NYC;

I went to see the New York City Basketball Team The New York Knicks, it was rad, i now have massive hoop dreams...
I had big style New York City breakfast, the best ive ever had, served by people who would definitely kill you if they werent too busy bringing you free coffee.
I went on the metro, (like the tube only shit) and got in a yellow taxi cab, it had a television in the back, like star trek or something.

I picked up the unnattractive term "douche bag" which i am still trying to shake off.
I saw some art, i think i can almost justifiably call it life affirming.

I also have some photos, but exactly 50% of them didnt come out, and i swear most of the ones that did were just me using up the film. Still, thats what you get for going disposable, which is what you get for choosing toys over cameras at birthdays, which in turn is what you get for refusing to grow up.
Which leads me neatly on to my next feature, i had a lecture today, probably one of the best i've ever had, but i still failed to make any decent notes, instead this is what i did;

I did manage to jot down "horses for courses" which is one of those things that sounds so good that i dont really want to find out exactly what it means. I cannot think of any other examples..

Oh dear.
One of these days i will upload something to show that i do actually do a painting course.
This is quite a big post, it took several weeks in the making, thanks to everyone who actually makes good blogs for inspiring me to press on. And sorry to everyone who visited this expecting something coherent or good.