Sunday, 22 March 2009


Im thinking of actually revealing this blog at some point... so i might put some things up that i love to detract attention from my own work. Why not eh?

A bit of Twombly, just really ugly and beautiful.

Matthias Weishcer.

Daniel Richter, better than Gerhard possibly??? Im a big fan of artists bridging the gap between illustrative and painting styles, so this is dope.

Richard Diebenkorn. Lovely abstraction.

Howard Hodgkin: Initially a bit of a slow burner, but now i just think he's amazing. This is the kind of painting i dont think theres even any point in me attempting because there are people who are so bloody good at it already. Its a bit like why i dont understand bands trying to be joy division.

I also like the girls that every 19 year old art school boys like, as much as i'd like to be original in my desires the classics still keep coming back (i'm currently wondering why anyone would care about this, but i'll keep on)

This is probably my favourite image of all time. Predictable as you like.

And again, very predictable, but I cant help it, it must be somewhere in my chromosomes, also i stole this picture from someone elses blog, now i dont know much about blog etiquette but im guessing this is frowned upon...

Thats enough of that.

I like different types of tape aswell, i used to have a nice tower of it in my room but it was inpractical and got knocked over.

Also i'm quite enjoying this small painting i did (i have turned it on its side so it doesnt just look like an advert, which maybe it is) i like gold and red.

Maybe I dont love all of these things, in fact maybe I don't love any of them, love is quite a strong word for someone as indecisive as me. Im talking myself out of this whole post now.
Anyway, im pretty damn sure i love drawing, radiohead and pro evo.

Now im not even sure of that, its too late for this kind of thing, im going to bed.


P.S. Guy pointed out to me that basically what i have written is "this painting makes me wet", worth a mention i thought.

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