Thursday, 5 March 2009


Hi, I went to New York with school last week, it was sick, these are some drawings i did (mostly on the plane and in the airport because i was too busy being a huge-size tourist the rest of the time). Here is a list of things i didnt see/do properly;

The Empire State Building (i saw it, and it is actually pretty big)

The Statue Of Liberty (i saw it, from afar, its pretty regal i guess)

New York Babes (i saw about two, and they were probably English anyway)

Get royally NYC style drunk (despite the massive portions of beer they sell im too underaged and baby faced for that kind of thing)

Macys ( i didnt go to NY to shop, i went to learn all about different cultures)

I did some things though yo, i'll get on to that after this pictorial interlude..

Presidential Leaves.

I like these slight drawings i did from the plane, I had the window seat, but no entertainments on the way there, but im a mother fucking art student, i make my own entertainments.

Biometric, read it and weep.

Drunk Lincoln

Altitude gets you steamed. Thats not strictly true, but it is pretty cool getting free G&Ts at however many thousand feet then flushing the lemon down the super intense plane flush system. Someone told me that they freeze all of that into a cube and drop it into the sea. What a joker.

So Yeah, that was a productive time wasn't it? I also have shit loads of flyers and paraphenalia
Things i did do in NYC;

I went to see the New York City Basketball Team The New York Knicks, it was rad, i now have massive hoop dreams...
I had big style New York City breakfast, the best ive ever had, served by people who would definitely kill you if they werent too busy bringing you free coffee.
I went on the metro, (like the tube only shit) and got in a yellow taxi cab, it had a television in the back, like star trek or something.

I picked up the unnattractive term "douche bag" which i am still trying to shake off.
I saw some art, i think i can almost justifiably call it life affirming.

I also have some photos, but exactly 50% of them didnt come out, and i swear most of the ones that did were just me using up the film. Still, thats what you get for going disposable, which is what you get for choosing toys over cameras at birthdays, which in turn is what you get for refusing to grow up.
Which leads me neatly on to my next feature, i had a lecture today, probably one of the best i've ever had, but i still failed to make any decent notes, instead this is what i did;

I did manage to jot down "horses for courses" which is one of those things that sounds so good that i dont really want to find out exactly what it means. I cannot think of any other examples..

Oh dear.
One of these days i will upload something to show that i do actually do a painting course.
This is quite a big post, it took several weeks in the making, thanks to everyone who actually makes good blogs for inspiring me to press on. And sorry to everyone who visited this expecting something coherent or good.

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