Sunday, 29 March 2009


These are some drawings of some people, they vary in levels of existence from existing a bit, to not at all.This guy has a suitcase but no neck, a questionable swap..

When this boy told his friends he was going to start wearing these glasses as a way to get girls they all laughed, but now he has his own record label and over 300 friends on facebook.

This is the kind of boys that most of the girls in Stratford-upon-Avon go for, people with necks wider than their heads, holes in their eyebrows and modern buzzword slogans on their clothes. I made up a game once (which obviously I've never played) where you go up to one of these people and question them on the words on their t-shirt/jumper mean. eg. "Oh so you are part of the 134 Co-op Response Team for Alabama?" or "Did you enjoy the Surfs-Up 1974 Miami Beach Festival?".To which the response would either be a quick "Fuck Off" or a " Its just a t-shirt mate, lighten up". This probably comes across like I'm being a dick. Um.

This is Jean-Pierre, he has a cat instead of a brain now thats why in this polaroid he is waving down a bus and not driving his scooter to work like he used to.

This is my golf caddy, he's a huge racist, but he's good at carrying. Swings and Roundabouts I guess.

I met this man on a tram, he had a 6 pack of Stella and an Umbro tattoo.

This is a drawing of a man from one of my favourite bands this century. I think he was voted best person ever in a recent poll, though thinking back that was almost definitely any other person.

This is one of my bros, we like to visit synagogues together, the best of which are in Cyprus, he's writing a book about them in fact, he's looking for a publisher, which is apparently like looking for "hay, in a stack of other things". I guess he means its not that difficult, he did tell me once how his head got like that but I think I interrupted with something more interesting.

This drawing on the surface is pretty lame, so i've decided that they are making some kind of drugs deal rather than sharing a moment of affection. Good call.

Sorry if this all got a little whimsical, or self indulgant, actually fuck it, its a blog yo.

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  1. I saw a man in Leamington today with a really brilliant t.shirt on, actually i say a man, it was actually a really lame chav teenager. on his t.shirt it said:


    > just say neigh."

    Pretty cool huh?