Friday, 10 April 2009


Alright then, heres some of my work from my Painting Course, these are terrible photos, because I havent had a Photo Documentation Induction, no of course I have, but my camera is mounted inside my phone and is pretty poor. SOZZ. But this is how I get down.

This is from my sketchbook, I tried to add people into my paintings but it hasnt really worked thus far, although the awkwardness of it is pretty good. My Drawings are usually better than my paintings. "WELL THEY COULDNT BE WORSE COULD THEY" huhh?

This is a drawing I did in my studio of mount everest, I decided to belittle it, because nothing needs to be that big. Apparently there are about 120 corpses (not pictured) on it. And the youngest person to ever climb it was 15, I wont print his name because I'm sure he's a terrible person, bullying kids like me at 9, playing rugby at 13, climbing mountains at 15, wife and kids at 20 etc. I'd much rather do nothing with my life than any of that bullshit.

Heres a photo of my studio space as it is at the moment. Im trying to think of something to say other than, THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS, because if I said that, MAGIC would mean nursing a hangover (and telling my friends how drunk and cool I was the night before), waiting for lunch, being slightly antisocial and abusive and making a mess.

Nah im kidding, im a terrific student and a well rounded young man.

I did this on the macs at college, further proof that macs arent very good. I took a photo of the image on the monitor. Yes, I've gone technology mental.

This is a work in progress, I'm putting the photo up now because I will probably ruin it shortly.

I painted this on the wall next to my desk (DRAWING ON THE WALL MAKES ME FEEL LIKE NU-RENAISSANCE ARTIST, BETTER-THAN-GOD GOD, BANKSY) to remind me to do work, I like to think of it as my version of a motivational poster,I have a similar one in my room that says DO MORE ART BITCH, because that is far too risque for the studio. So yeah, some people have religion as something to turn to, i have semi offensive crappy drawings.
Halle fucking lujah.

This is another angle of my studio, another work in progress at the top, "SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?", if you really want to know i will send you an artist statement and a clip round the ear.

And this is an emo drawing i did for a laugh, he's drawn inside out but all in all a good lad.


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