Sunday, 7 June 2009


I've finished my course for the year, yeah, one godamn third of my university course is over, the next time this happens I will be in 3rd Year, which is utterly pretty quite scary. NO MORE LIVING THE DREAM IN YEAR THREE. Or so I've been told.

I have it all here on RED



That was pretty much a visual onslaught of out of focus pictures, which i apologise for again, my scanner is like scanning a stain glass window through frosted glass. So heres a light interlude of my pissing about drawings, I used a free magazine for the paper, which is probably exactly what they had in mind when they decided to put a load of time, money and effort into creating a product. "Wouldn't it be good if someone picked up one of these, didn't read it and then cut up the pages and did juvenile drawings on it instead!?" So basically what I'm saying is, whatever these bitches put into their magazine is less interesting than something i knock up in about 5 minutes. Daily.

I basically had to set my work up for assessment and then we had some miniature show where there were drinks fo free, (ish) and lots of work up, ranging from the good to the shit, via average, i like to think mine sits somewhere between the three, somewhere around average I guess. I wasnt entirely stoked on my work, but worse things have happened.

This is the set up for my pictures in the exhibition, they are both 4ft wide and several buses tall.

This is a photo of some bros hating on my work.

Me engaging with my work. (IMAGE COURTESY OF SAM TAYLOR)

This is what my room looks like now I've taken my work home, which took 4 buses, 4 trains and 2 trams. Each with people staring at my work and going " Bloody hell mate! you want to control your pallete a bit!!!!??!!" or "Your rationale is not visible through this painting alone! Give me an artist statement and a list of your inspiration!!" Of course I obided.

Its photos like these that suggest that photoshop is maybe quite useful. If you can read past the grey hue of the image, the slanted edges of the mirror on the painting is what i was trying to get, maybe i will try using some mirrors in my work in the future, at least it will be easy access for something to cut my wrists with (vertically) if it doesnt look good.

This blog will probably become more frequently updated during the summer as I will possibly have more free time than there are hours in the day. Look forward to it?


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