Saturday, 27 June 2009


My summer has officialy begun, in that today I sat in my room for hours trying to do as little movement as possible to minimize sweating. WHAT A LIFE I LEAD.

This one is an illustrated transcript of a whole conversation i had with Sam at 2.17 in the morning when we were hyped up on man films. (I'm on the right)
My two favourite violence glamourisers, Hulk Hogan and Danny Dyer. (If you are confused by the lack of likeness it's because thats not actually who they were meant to be. Having an Artists Licence includes lying for sure)

I'm going to make a playstation game when I'm older called Pro Evolution Drawing, you will have to do drawings of famous footballers but so that they look like other famous footballers, I have tried this on the right of the page, drawing Michael Carrick as Christiano Ronaldo.


I guess this is pretty political drawing, based on the old proverb: you can take a bear to water, but you cant make it carry all your shit around.

Train drawings, I am going to get the heelflip one tattooed around my wrist.

Train Drawing featuring a collab with Joseph Goody, he did a picture of me "blazin a zoot", he does go Goldsmiths after all.

A Triptych of my three favourite pastimes, holding wildlife, weight lifting and smoking with one hand down my trousers.

Another Triptych, of more of my favourite past times (L-R); Looking at my watch when i really mean to check my phone and being slightly confused, being disillusioned by all music and subconciously copying other peoples stances.
There is an edited version on


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