Thursday, 23 July 2009


Holla and Greetings.
Here are some more drawings (on varying levels of goodness and finishedness) from my book, apparently i have surpassed my internet bandwidth already so I am severely sticking it to the man just by posting this.

Ambassador, Ambabsadolutedly, Ambadsalutedly, Ambasolutely,Absolutely.

A bit of a collab between myself and Guy James Mam. ARR EYE PEE EMM JAY.


This is my idea for a film where a news reporter (in the blue) gets transferred to a sports channel where he has to report only on table sports (bar snooker/pool) but when he turns his hand to the games he discovers he has great talent. He becomes a professional but loses it all when his wife leaves him and he turns to drugs. I imagine it will probably star Will Ferrel, Adam Sandler and Morgan Spurlock (or Freeman). It will also be set in the past.

A return to my forte.

TOUR DE FRUCKING FRANCE. ( I will colour this in at some point)

Puppy Love (...her new ride)
Im going to maybe upload more individual drawings rather than them all at once, it makes more sense i think.

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