Thursday, 27 August 2009

Here is some things what I done;

I'm currently watching a programme about women who love cats called Pussies Galore, its a classic bit of Channel4 psuedo-documentary film making.I say fair do's to them, if I ever get tricked into fathering a family im going to have to look at means of escapism too. I bet it'll be train sets though.

This was drawn from a picture of a giraffe running, which is one of the most bloody ridiculous pieces of imagery i've ever seen all folded up limbs and long ass neck. In fact, i'd suggest you googled "running giraffe" rather than look at this slightly shitty drawing I've done, in which I failed to draw the body of the giraffe because I started drawing too close to the edge of the page. THEY DONT TEACH YOU SHIT IN THESE ART SCHOOLS.


These triangle headed bastards have been rearing their pathetic faces in my drawings for a while now, I can only apologise, I cant even remember where i stole them from. Cheery Bastards

Here they are again, ridiculous.

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