Thursday, 24 December 2009


I think Christmas is great, everyday I've been eating myself a few years closer to diabetes and it seems more acceptable to drink decadent/ridiculous alcoholic drinks every night in the season of Yule. I think maybe this year its cooler to like XMAS than to be jaded by it. I think even VICE said it was a DO this year and did a whole article about Nativity Garms..

These are the XMAS BEARS, they live in the north pole and have only read about xmas in Argos catalogues and emails, they dont really know what it is but they are both agreed that they really like it. It makes the harsh winter months of searching for human flesh in the Arctic abyss that bit more bearable.

This is how christmas felt to me as a child (I'm on the right).

The XMAS BEARS, killing it (or completely missing the point).

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  1. I stumbled across an artist called davis shrigley today, and he reminded me of your drawings. His drawings reminded me of your drawings, is what I mean. This might be old news to you. Or really offensive. Soz.