Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I have got way too in to the World Cup this year. I have already racked up about ridiculous hours of match viewing and as far as I can remember I havent seen a game that wasn't a draw. I just watched New Zealand (78th in the Fifa Rankings) draw 1-1 with Slovakia (34th) in one of the most gloriously mediocre games I have ever seen and I enjoyed every minute. Also I have seen Noel Gallagher talk about his mate Del Piero 3 times in 2 days and seen John Travolta sing to Tim K-hole and the rest of the Socceroos.

In a celebration of this month I drew this picture of a Boglin coveting the trophy. The drawing wasn't based on any human man, but as I drew it it reminded me of someone that I just couldn't put my finger on. But then I realised that no real people look like this. . .
(Massive soz for all the links. )

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