Wednesday, 28 October 2009


The words and wisdom of Sam Taylor. I am going to have this tattooed on my back.



Ive decided to become a Georgie Two Blogs, the other one will be for my fine art shit, somewhat of an online portfolio. I feel like having my drawings of golden bastards and my super conceptual amazing paintings of nothings together devalues one or other of them... This picture will link yous to it, its called Gocolour and i stole the ILFORD typeface, STOKED!


I like totally have the internet now so here are some things that i have made exist in the past few weeks.
Half empty or half full? Or a little over half full? It only costs £1 so who cares, down it Karpov.

This is a drawing of a bloody golden bastard i saw on a bench, as you can see i'm quite into my photorealism these days.
One of the best dogs I know.

A kitten sees an ex lover across the aisle, for a moment the hole in his life is gone, he will later fill this void with two beers and an Iams binge.

I cant believe no one wants to save pandas anymore. Look at them! (not so much the little one).