Saturday, 25 July 2009


I think that the new Coca Cola advert is one of my favourite pieces of film of all time, I'm not sure how well that would go down within Fine Art circles, in fact the chances of me coming across as a simpleton seem pretty high. But I think its awesome, despite the loathsome Calvin Harris being in charge of the soundtrack and all the mega global corporate capitalist bullshit that I'm sure could taint some people's perception of the Coca Cola brand. The new Pepsi advert is alright aswell, in an American Pieco kind of way, but it just makes me want a coke..
This paragraph has reminded me why I dont write more.

Thursday, 23 July 2009


An illustration I have done for a children's adaptation of gritty American drama The Wire. Chapter One, in which Barksdale learns to share.


Holla and Greetings.
Here are some more drawings (on varying levels of goodness and finishedness) from my book, apparently i have surpassed my internet bandwidth already so I am severely sticking it to the man just by posting this.

Ambassador, Ambabsadolutedly, Ambadsalutedly, Ambasolutely,Absolutely.

A bit of a collab between myself and Guy James Mam. ARR EYE PEE EMM JAY.


This is my idea for a film where a news reporter (in the blue) gets transferred to a sports channel where he has to report only on table sports (bar snooker/pool) but when he turns his hand to the games he discovers he has great talent. He becomes a professional but loses it all when his wife leaves him and he turns to drugs. I imagine it will probably star Will Ferrel, Adam Sandler and Morgan Spurlock (or Freeman). It will also be set in the past.

A return to my forte.

TOUR DE FRUCKING FRANCE. ( I will colour this in at some point)

Puppy Love (...her new ride)
Im going to maybe upload more individual drawings rather than them all at once, it makes more sense i think.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I'm nearly TWENTY BLOODY YEARS OLD, which has brought on somewhat of a mid-life/milestone crisis here are some drawings that either encompass, or have nothing to do with it at all.


Excerpt from a graphic novel i started about a man who realises his girlfriend is a slug, but then doesnt mind in the end because love conquers all and she has a cracking personality. Fingers crossed for a publisher!!!!!


Rad xx