Monday, 5 April 2010


So I pitched this show to channel 4, its about Heston Blumenthal's lesser famous brother Heshton who was a famous bowl rider back in the day. The long and short of it is that he's trying to get back in the game but keeps slamming hard every time he tries to get footage for Earth Pain. I have proposed that there will only be one joke per episode and it will always be based around eating shit.

The people at Channel 4 have agreed to run a series of 6 episodes but they will only show it on Channel4+1, I see this as somewhat of a paradox but have reluctantly agreed.

*Update #2*
The people at Channel 4 have realised that the programme might be based on a single pun, they say they learnt their lesson from Osama Bin Everywhere and will no longer be running shows on the strength of their name. The series has been axed until further notice.

*Update #3*
Channel 4 say they noticed that in the image above he is wearing one hi-top and one lo-top and have offered Heshton a part in the next series of Skins. Alls well that ends well..

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