Monday, 7 December 2009


I recently enrolled in a Drawing BA at Hellsmere School of Art, the course is quite intense ( I have to do pretty much 7.30pm to 2.00am everyday, and the enrollment initiation was something quite distressing involving an aggressive plastic rat that I don't wish to talk about) but I feel I'm settling in ok. The first brief was to design a tattoo that I will have to get on my ankle if I step out of line again.
Non-Gay Love (formerly known as bromance) is a big part of the Hellsmere ethos and if ever a students love for their mates is put under question they have to shotgun a high percentage premium to show their love is fo real. I However will never have that problem and during our life drawing class (drawing from a real life book) I chose this pose and caption as it indicates the pressure I felt under at the time whilst also remembering that it is love that has the world in motion...

This is the culmination of my first term and also one of my first collaborative pieces with Fam Pallet Taylor, though we are encouraged to come up with multiple metaphorical meanings (or multi metis) for our work I instead decided to come up with a powerful image about how religion is essentially about Jesus loving his mates until he is crucified into the abyss because one of his mates was a bastard.
I look forward to my next term where I will be having lectures on "the Grotesque and the Sublime" from Kyle Dave Platts and "How to be a Modern Urban Boy" by T slates.

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