Thursday, 26 March 2009


These are some things from my NYC sketchbook, which is becoming less and less about NYC by the day, but i can deal with that. I may have mentioned that i took some photos, which werent very good, probably because i'm a pretty chronic photographer. So i cut them up into little bubbles, my thinking being that if i removed whatever it was that i was trying to photograph in the first place i might be left with something more interesting. Fuck knows if it worked, maybe i just ruined my prints...

The bottom left is central park, i think i did a good job of making it look like a horrible place to be when it is actually quite pleasant. I might do more of these...

In other news i thought my ipod had broken the other day, but this morning it is back and better than ever, with a staggering 2 hours of battery time and 3.6GB of memory. Sick. I've been listening to this song too much and its been making me think i'm depressed even though im pretty damn content:

I even did this drawing as a result.

Thats obviously a joke. But seriously.


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